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Smart grid technologies powered by realtime data processing and machine learning algorithms

Energy management

Prioritization of energy sources and load balancing for decrease and smooth out peak usage

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Machine Learning

BigData and Machine Learning techologies allows to create energy usage forecast

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Capacity planing

Decrease electricity usage in peak time with capacity planning algorithms and load balancing technologies

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Using capacity planning technologies we make SmartGrid possible and cost effective

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Big Data analytics in energy management

Forecasting & prediction

Using weather and solar radiation forecasting techologies together with machine learning algorithms give us ability to build smart products that decrease usage of energy from traditional sources and usage of electricity durring peak hours.


Analytics & reporting

Powerfull analytics and reporting platform allow us to analyze huge amount of realtime data that comes from sensors, create reports about efficiency of whole system and prepate training sets machine learning algorithms that will make prediction how to decreate energy usage and power looses.


Products that change the world

Using experience and advanced technologies developed by mankind we create products whose purpose is to increase energy efficiency and reduce pollution of the environment

Envert™ Kelvin

Cloud connected digital thermal controller with buildin solar radiadion forecasting functionality and smartgrid support


Envert™ Kelvinrs

Relay extension for Envert™ Kelvin that allow to increase energy efficiency by controlling recircling energy


Envert™ Rack

Software product that allow to balance load to the grid, for prevent load spikes durring peak hours.


Envert™ Heater

Cloud connected tankless water heater with advanced grid load balancing features that managed by Kelvin thermal controller.


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Technologies for smart grid

We create products with focus on smart grid that provides wide range of advanced features in energy management and energy efficiency, and all that features allows to ajust load to the grid and reduce peak usage, by prioritizing energy consumers and try to utilize as maximum as possible of renewable energy when it avaliable.

Easy in use and supporting

Renevable energy sources

Automatic firmware updates

Reduce peak usage

10 years of warranty

Flexible installation

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